Venue Hire

Main Auditorium

• Capacity – 913 seated (Ground floor 650, balcony 263)

• Standing events – 1250 (1000 standing on ground floor, 250 seated on balcony)

• Custom layout available, please contact venue to discuss.

Stage & Grid Dimensions

• Pros Arch: 20m x 5.2m high

• Pros Width: 20m (Adjustable via tabs)

• Grid height: 5.2m

• Stage width (incl. wings:) 24m

• Stage depth from Pros: 10m

• There is 1m of stage extending beyond house tabs, so total stage depth without tabs is 11m

• Prompt Corner S.R.

• Stage Floor: 25mm WPB plywood, painted black

Dressing Rooms

Situated under stage. Five rooms in total for all acts. Three with showers. Direct access by staircase to stage left and right. One green room & kitchen. Wireless internet is available in the theatre and backstage.

Power Supply on Stage

• 1x 63A 3-phase Ceeform: S

• 1x 32A 3 phase Ceeform: SR

• 1x 63A single-phase Ceeform: SR

• 2x 16A single-phase Ceeform: SR

• 1x 16A Single-phase Ceeform: SL

• 2x twin 13A sockets: SR & SL


There are ample free car parking facilities around the theatre. Adequate parking can be pre-arranged for artists and crew (please contact the venue to arrange).


• Main PA - JBL VRX900 line array (flown each side of stage) 2x VRX918 subs; 4x VRX 9032LA mid-high cabinets, 2x Versarray 218 subs (front of stage left and right)

• Amps 2x Powerfactor 5 1x Powerfactor 7 1x Peavey CS4080 Total main PA power ; 17.5kW of continues power

• Processor DBX Driverack4800 Configured L & R, front infills, balcony delays

• Foldback 6-way mix from FOH A side of stage monitor mix facility can be provided with advance notice given.

• Control Yamaha LS9-32 digital console. 32 lines from stage. 8 returns inc. L & R A further 12 sends and 12 returns are available please contact for more details.

• 2x Audix handheld wireless mic’s available. Additional wireless handheld and headset mics are available at additional cost.

• 4x Audix OM5 wired handheld microphones

• 1x Audix drum mic kit comprising o 1x D6 bass drum mic o 1x i5 snare drum mic o 1x D4 floor tom mic o 2x D2 tom mic o 3x ADX51 condenser mic We supply and endorse Audix microphones, so most of the Audix range is available on request as an addition to the supplied mics, at additional cost.

• 4x Passive DI boxes (more available on request)

• Selection of straight, boom and short boom mic stands


• Projector available at additional cost (5,000 lumen , projecting onto rear cyc cloth)

• 2x side screens and projectors available stage left and right.

Contact the tech department for more information.

Stage Decks

• 2x stage decks available as drum riser as standard (2mtr x 1 mtr).

Additional decks and steps are available on request at additional cost.

Selection of leg heights available.


• Lighting grid is constructed of square section truss, 22m X 10m, motorised.

• No. of circuits: 48 FOH: 15

• Lantern Stock: 18x 1kW Selecon Fresnel 20x 750w ETC Source Four 21-40 zoom

• Profiles: 8x 1kW PAR64 Parcans 6x Martin Mac250 Krypton moving head spots. For different configurations of lighting grid please contact tech team for more information

• Dimmers: Zero88 Leapfrog 96 - lighting console with touch-screen

• Follow spots are available with operator for additional cost

• Strobe Lighting, Pyro And Effects

• The use of pyrotechnical effects is not permitted, as we have no fire curtain.

• Haze is allowed but please notify the venue tech manager in advance of your performance.

• If you intend using strobe lighting during your show please notify the venue in advance so that we can notify the audience prior to show.

Venue Facilities

• The following are incorporated in the rental of the theatre;

• Full box office and ticketing facilities

• Front of house management and ushering staff

• Full bar on the evening of the performance. Bar (opens one hour prior to performance, and at interval)

• A highly trained and experienced technical coordinator to deliver expert technical support for show day.

• Sound and LX engineers, stage crew are available upon request at additional cost.

• Use of all technical equipment as listed in the contract (unless stated as additional cost)

• All lighting and heating as normally used on the premises.

• Wireless internet is available in the theatre and backstage.

• Sweet shop (opens one hour prior to performance, and at interval)


• Tea/Coffee making facilities in green room are available

• For specific catering requests contact the office


• 20% charge on merchandise if sold by venue staff, and 10% charge if sold by producer.

Smoking & Vaping

Smoking and vaping inside the TLT are prohibited. Please note there is a smoking and vaping area available outside the front of the theatre, or outside at the rear of the stage for cast and crew.

Flooring & Stage Props

If your show involves any hard shoe dancing please notify the venues technical manager in advance to discuss flooring requirements (there may be additional costs if specialist flooring or re-paint is required.

• Please notify venue technical manager in advance if you are using any stage props or need to fix anything to the stage floor.

Times / General Info

Suggested times (Check with in-house rep for specific available times)

• Sound checks - as required, but checks including support act to be finished by 6.30pm to allow house crew a dinner break before doors.

• House to be handed over to FOH manager by 7:00pm

• Doors 7.30pm (given that the show starts at 8pm)

• Show start 8:00pm

• Curfew 11:00pm

Please confirm schedule and running times with both our tech department and front of house manager at least 14 days prior to show.

Requested Technical Information

We require the following information to be provided at time of booking

• Artist technical specifications
• Stage plan
• LX plot
• Details of mix position
• Vehicle details and crew/cast names of visiting company.

The following information must be provided to the venue prior to the performance

• All relevant crew contact numbers
• Date and time of arrival/ get in
• Details of any extra crew/operators required for the get-in, show or get-out.
• Additional crew members are available subject to negotiation and additional fees.
• Details of any required pre-rigging of lamps or masking (note this may be subject to additional costs)
• Any additional hire requests (subject to additional costs)
• Copy of your production risk assessment, PL and employer’s liability insurance.

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