Tommy Fleming In Concert

31st January 2020
8:00 pm
Tommy Fleming In Concert

For almost 30 years, Tommy Fleming has been honing his craft and entertaining the masses with his extraordinary talent.

His worldwide success has made him a household name in many homes across the globe and his fanbase is growing year on year.

A Tommy Fleming concert is a musical experience not to be missed that has a universal appeal to all ages and backgrounds. Tommy is famous for his own arrangement of “Danny Boy”, “Isle of Innisfree” and “Hard times” – all songs that you know and love but have never heard until you hear Tommy Fleming’s versions.

He also covers songs from “you raise me up”, “bridge over troubled waters”, “from a distance” and “something inside so strong” along with many more contemporary numbers. such is his success, he has also toured with the great Elaine Paige and Kenny rogers in recent years and recorded duets with Vince gill, Christy Hennessy, Phil Coulter, Lucie Silvas, Cara Dillon, Eleanor Shanley, De Dannan and Mark Vincent to name but a few.

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