The Laughter Lounge

17th January 2020
8:00 pm
The Laughter Lounge

Laughter Lounge LIVE!

The Laughter Lounge opened its doors in Dublin in December 1997 and quickly established itself as Ireland’s premier comedy venue. Over the years 4,000 comedians have performed in 3,000 live shows to an audience of over 1 million.

We’ve been in the Comedy business a long, long, LONG time and for 21 years, we’ve only delivered the lols to Dubliners….. But, we want to make the whole of Ireland laugh. So guess what? We’re going on tour! Yep, we’ll be bringing Laughter Lounge vibes to the TLT Drogheda!

Come see the Laughter Lounge’s biggest acts – Eric Lalor, John Colleary & Gar Murran for one craic’in night out!

Smell that? That’s the sweet scent of Comedy in the air…… and we can’t wait!
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