The Bon Jovi Story 19

25th October 2019
8:00 pm
The Bon Jovi Story 19

The Bon Jovi Story


The Bon Jovi Story is a three hour musical and theatrical extravaganza detailing the band’s history from their first 1984 album up to their present day inclusion into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The story is told through a series of video montages, various costume and stage setting changes which replicate the band’s ten most notorious gigs, and of course live performances of 29 of their most iconic and most poignant songs.

The Bon Jovi Story captures the heart and soul of Bon Jovi – grabbing the audience’s attention from its dramatic opening right up to its explosive finale…

Presented by Fergus House Productions.

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The original YouTube video


The mp4 full seven song clips, 4mins. Downloadable.




The mp4 four song clips, 2.5 mins. Down loadable

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