A Bolt From D’Blue

A Bolt From D'Blue

A Bolt From D’Blue

In this powerful one-man show “A Bolt From D’Blue,” David Gilna recounts his early dreams of being a performer, his family history, his first arrival to the US, and, of course, the moment that changed his life forever: being struck by lightning. Gilna deftly guides us through the humor and horror of this near-death experience, weaving the trauma of this life-changing event into a poignant and unforgettable show. For anyone seeking hope or a teary-eyed laugh, “A Bolt From D’Blue” is not to be missed.

 “Meandering from memory, hallucination, music and monologue, Gilna let not a static second fly by; and with writing of blunt, craggy street talk, ornamented with divine, dreamlike prose (“Serpents, mystical creatures, skinning me alive with glee”), Gilna’s monologue matched equally the ferocity of fellow Dubliners Mark O’Rowe and Dylan Coburn Gray. With his cheeky Northside timbre and a joie de vivre of “wilde” abandon, Gilna’s sole performance in New York was an irresistible joy to see. Glowing with wit and goodness, he charmed the crowd with rollicking laughter, and made us believe in a vision of life on the other side of trauma. The thunderous applause at his standing ovation showed Gilna’s “A Bolt From D’Blue” was an emphatic victory on the evening, and we’ll look for more performances from him to follow.” The Irish Echo
 “His black casual attire and his body language all proclaim a young man who is at one with himself. He has a rare talent to be intimate with each member of the audience even though he is on a public stage.Gilna is fine story teller and he has a gripping story to tell. It is an uplifting experience to be in his company for an hour and a bit. It is a play which started life on the other side of the Atlantic last year. It is now in Dublin and it will raise your spirts. It is a privilege to be in the company of David Gilna.” – No More Workhorse
 “Gilna has a sharp stage presence and is well able to create good cameos. He cites Malachy McCourt as an influence & the show has a certain flavour of the McCourt style of storytelling: a keen eye for dramatic event and a seeking of the universal in the personal” – Independent
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Nov 17 2023


8:00 pm

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