Story of the Theatre

When St. Peters Parochial hall in Drogheda was sold to a developer in 2004, and when the Drogheda Pantomime Society who had kept it alive for years weren’t permitted to bring their seats, their PA system or any of their equipment before it was demolished, I decided that Drogheda and the surrounding areas needed a proper, professional theatre that could cater for every type of performance from local groups to international performers, and a venue that was run independently to ensure it’s existence well into the future.

In 2007 when we relocated our other business – The Sound Shop, to East Coast Business Park in Drogheda, we decided it was an ideal opportunity to build a brand new 900 seat state of the art theatre and concert hall.

At the time we were in the middle of the recession and had no money to complete the fit out of the theatre which was going to cost €2m including the charge by Drogheda Borough of €376,000 for car parking and roads, and so I went to the people of Drogheda and asked for 200 of them to invest €10,000 each for a period of 10 years with a return of €2,000 per year after 12 months, resulting in a total return of €20,000 after 10 years.

Several people took up this offer, and along with seat sponsors, my family and friends, The Louth Leader Partnership and a loan from the local AIB branch we proceeded to make history in Drogheda by building Drogheda’s first ever privately owned concert hall and theatre.

The Theatre officially opened in September 2009 marked by memorable night of local talent and entertainment provided by many local musicians and performers including well know comedian Deirdre O Kane, David Leddy & The Honey Bee’s Jazz band, Niamh Leddy, Eamon Toal and Murphy’s Traditional Irish Group and St. Peters Male Voice Choir. The night was especially memorable when the two local brass bands made history by playing together on one stage for the first time ever, and were then joined on stage by St. Peters Male Voice Choir for a truly remarkable performance!

I would like to sincerely thank my son Patrick Leddy, my brothers Ciaran and Liam Leddy and their families, the Drogheda Pantomime Society and the rest of my family, friends and staff for all their help and support during the process of completing this great project.

The people of Drogheda and the North East now have a world class state of the art theatre and concert hall on their doorstep which will hopefully be there for generations to come.

I hope you enjoy our new venue!


Tommy Leddy

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